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Kiddies Carnival Trinidad

Posted on 26 February 2010

Ah……. the wonderful colourful leisure, Kiddies Carnival. Unlike the adults carnival the children can express their personalities without the half-naked costumes that can fit in a Ziplock bag.

On Saturday the 13th February our Godmother Monica Hylton took us to Kiddies carnival and we sat in the Mayors Box. We were introduced to the Mayor of Port of Spain, Murchison Brown. It was a marvellous explosion of colour which pleased me.

However the speakers, I find, were too close to the children’s ears because I was quite far away wearing earplugs and it was still quite loud.

After that magnificent performance I can see why it is the main tourist attraction.

To all tourists from the colder countries I would advise you to pack a visor, sunglasses and earplugs, sunscreen and make sure to drinks lots of water.

I love Trinidad and Tobago.

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